Stachys albens

About White Hedge Nettle (Stachys albens)

Stachys albens, also known as whitestem hedgenettle or white hedgenettle, is a mint endemic to California.

Stachys albens occurs between 0 (sea level) and 9000 feet, in wet, swampy to seepy places in the following plant communities: Foothill oak woodland, Coastal sage scrub, Yellow pine forest, Red fir forest, Lodgepole pine forest, California mixed evergreen forest, Wetland-riparian, Pinyon-juniper woodland, Mojave and Colorado Deserts

Plant of the Month – White Hedge Nettle

Name Origin: Sta’chys: from the Greek stachus for “ear of grain” or “a spike” in reference to the spike-like form of the flowers
al’bens: white

A guide to Davis’ spring plants and animals

Stachys albens – a Californian perennial

Stachys albens, White hedge nettle – Las Pilitas Nursery

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